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Premises Liability – Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents

Premises Liability – Slip, trip and fall accidents

If you become injured as a result of a dangerous condition on someone’s property, immediately call LENA LAW, APC as you may be entitled to compensation.

Property owners (or occupiers or possessors of property) have certain legal obligations to maintain a safe property for tenants, guests, visitors and patrons. To bring a successful premises liability case, it is necessary to demonstrate that the property owner was negligent.

In Premises Liability claims, we must prove that the property owner owed a duty of care to provide a safe environment at the premises, that a dangerous condition existed at the property due to a lack of the owner’s duty of care or a failure to warn of the potential danger and that the dangerous condition led directly to injuries and damages suffered by the injured party.  The burden of proving these factors rests with the injured party.


What to do if you fall as a result of another’s negligence:

  • Get Medical Help.  Your health and well being is you’re the top priority. With your injuries documented, it will help prove your case.
  • Report the Incident. Be sure to make an immediate report with the manager or owner of the property while you are at the premises, or at your earliest possible opportunity. Ask for a copy of the report, or take a photograph (using your cell phone) of the report you provide. 
  • Immediately take photographs of the location of your fall including any condition that caused your fall, such as liquid on the floor, a broken step, frayed carpeting, etc.  It is important to document why or what caused you to fall before it is cleaned up or repaired. Evidence can disappear or conditions can change quickly. Therefore, photographs are very important. 
  • Obtain names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses that saw your fall, or the cause of your fall. Witnesses are very important and can help prove your version of events.
  • Look to see if any cameras are installed in the area where you fell.  Let your attorney immediately know so that a demand to preserve the video footage is immediately made to the property owner.   
  • Keep the shoes and the clothing you were wearing during the accident in a safe place. Do not wear the shoes or clothes. Do not wash your clothes. Place the items in a paper bag (not in a plastic bag) and provide them to your attorney. These will be relevant evidence in your case.

         Contact LENA LAW immediately after a fall at 626-584-0043.