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Lena Melkonian, Esq.


I got rear ended back in August; first accident I had ever been in so needless to say I was lost and completely annoyed that I had to deal with insurance drama. Thank goodness for Lena because she made this process so easy for me. She handled everything and always provided me updates along the way. I was never kept in the dark and she always made sure I understood what was happening rather than just throwing information at me. I am so thankful for her because she saved me all the painful back and forth with the insurance companies and made sure I was taken care of from start to finish. She is amazing at what she does and fights tooth and nail for you until she is satisfied with the result!!! Thank you so much Lena!!
– T.J.

Ever been in a car accident that was not your fault? If you have, you know what a pain in the a** it is to deal with insurance companies. Even your own!   I was rear ended right before Christmas. I called Lena Melkonian the very next day and I was able to get an appointment to sit down and meet with her. 

She was wonderful. She explained every detail to me. A claim was immediately filed that same day. She did not sit around and wait like some firms do. She also sent me to an amazing chiropractor because my medical insurance does not cover chiropractic care. 

Roughly a week later, the other party’s insurance accepted full liability! Thanks Lena! My car was sent in for repairs and she stayed on top of the insurance company to make sure that they paid the body shop timely for all repairs. I got my car back, looking like nothing ever happened, in two and a half weeks.  Lena knows the law and knows how these pesky insurance companies work. With her expansive knowledge, I did not have to ride around in a rental for over a month like most. I did not even have to pay for my rental. Nothing out of pocket. 

Thanks to Lena and her strong and knowledgeable team, things are going quickly and smoothly.  Thank you Lena!  And to the readers, I strongly recommend you contacting Lena’s firm if your ever involved in an accident.
– Lori S.

I had a horrible car accident. It was a hit and run but later the person returned and said he was not guilty. Lena Law was able to win this difficult case even though the insurance company was saying he will not be responsible for the accident. Lena was always very responsive and works on the cases herself. I knew I could rely on her. I recommend her to everyone. 
– Hrachuhi M.

I loved the process with Lena Law. I am a very busy person always working or traveling so being in a car accident could have become a big hassle for me but Lena Melkonian made everything run very smoothly and won the case. My parents recommended her the moment they heard about my accident as she represented them in the past and they were very happy with her. She was very honest and caring with me throughout the whole process and was always on top of returning my phone calls and emails. I was very much at ease knowing Lena was representing me. You should definitely contact Lena Law.
– Nare M.

Lena is the sweetest and most helpful. When I walked in I felt welcome. She told me about the different ways I could have gone about my case and she gave me her honest opinion on what was best outcome for me. I totally recommend her she is GREAT! I made a yelp just for you Lena !
– Bertha R.

Love, love, love the attention and importance Lena gives to her clients. She really takes her time to meet with you one on one, not a lot of lawyers do this .
– Kathy S.

Comparto mi experiencia vivida con la abogada Lena Melkonian la cual desde el principio de mi caso siempre fue muy amable me explico con detalle todo el proceso como se llevaria acabo y siempre me mantuvo al tanto de lo que iva sucediendo . Realmente estoy muy contento de haber tenido a esta magnifica persona y abogada ayudandome en todo este proceso. ampliamente recomendable.
-Isaac R.

I am very happy to recommend Lena Melkonian for any accident case.  She handled my case and I was very happy and impressed with her personalized service and that she always kept me posted about what is happening with my case.   Lena is honest, tells it like it is, and gives the word “attorney” a great reputation.  She is as good as it gets and got me a great settlement.I always seek her advice for any legal matter I may have.  I highly recommend her at a drop of a dime. Lena, thank you again for everything.  You are fantastic.
-Emanuel E.

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